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Aparna Paul

Managed and compounded drugs by calculating and measuring the correct dosage for prescriptions. Maintained the patient record in file format or in computers then entering the patient details in the system. Increased the patient’s awareness by advising the patient on the dosage and indications and side effects of medications and advised the patient if any contraindications of medications.

Shiny Sasi Rajam

Assisted physicians during examinations and procedures by preparing equipment, changing dressings, administering medications and monitoring patients. Supervised and managed registered practical nurses and personal support workers by assisting the team and staff in discharge of duties and supporting trainings. Ensured discretion and independent judgment resulting in attaining the goal of the health care facility.

Yedhukrishnan Divakaran

A position in an engineering organization and contributing by utilizing and sharing technical and interpersonal skills acquired for continuous improvement of the organization.

Vipul Dhawan

Over 9 years of accounting and auditing experience, practicing leadership and leveraging deep industry knowledge to manage a private practice with 4 accountants with a track record of providing excellent financial services and consulting. Currently preparing to receive CPA Ontario designation (anticipated September 2020) under the memorandum of understanding between CPA Ontario and ICA India.

Vipin Venugopal

Over 6 years of experience working as a production engineer in a large manufacturing plant environment, applying industry experience to oversee production and implement solutions to successfully increase plant production rates, improve quality of production, and reduce waste. Hands-on experience in batch process manufacturing – blending, filling, packing and wrapping (manual and automatic), operating blending reactors, different types of pumps & valves, compressor, boiler, centrifuge, heat exchanger and manufacturing of lubricating oil, specialty chemicals, petrochemical, pulp& paper, in addition to control room activities and process control using PLC or DCS.

Suni Christudas

Prepared weekly lesson plans for the students using a systematic plan of lectures and giving an audio visual presentation resulting in the students learning a new sets of skills. Managed administrative duties such as assigning and correcting homework, preparing tests and evaluating students’ progress.

Sherry Mathew Varghese

Technical support technician with superb troubleshooting and interpersonal skills to assist customers with computer related hardware, software and network issues. Knowledgeable on a v ariety of operating systems, efficiently and effectively resolves issues.

Saro Siva Shankar

Technical support technician with superb troubleshooting and interpersonal skills to assist customers with computer related hardware, software and network issues. Knowledgeable on a variety of operating systems, brings attention to detail and a dedication to technical improvement to each job.

Sarath Mohan

Maintain and manage over 400 systems and servers in an exam-center computer-lab connected via a LAN, applying experience to conduct daily maintenance and quickly resolve any arising issues to maintain smooth service and consistent uptime. Conduct network-related software installation on Linux-based systems and install and maintain operating systems and drivers on all systems.

Roji Cherian

Detail-oriented Systems Analyst adept at designing innovative IT solutions and enhancing existing  systems with new features. Committed to improving business productivity and efficiency. Specialize in applying technical expertise to develop insightful software solutions applicable to current business practices.