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Cliff Richard Joseph Nunes

Over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, demonstrating a strong work ethic and hospitality skills in fulfilling a variety of customer-facing service roles in a cruise, restaurant, and hotel environment. Experience working in a 5-star luxury environment, leveraging experience and a calm, welcoming, and caring attitude to ensure that all clients enjoy their experience. Comprehensive knowledge of food, wines, spirits, liquors, and champagnes, developing an aptitude and receiving recognition for providing tailored recommendations to customers. Strong communication skills and fluency in English.

Sini S Nair

Evaluate, plan, and administer treatment for approximately 40 – 60 patients from a variety of departments (including neuro, pediatrics, etc.) daily. Apply experience to handle a high volume of patients, organizing daily patient schedules and conducting follow-ups to ensure comprehensive and effective treatment. Treat conditions including joint trauma, degenerative conditions, spinal infection, nerve injuries, fractures, and amputations.

Nijo Antony

Head of five branches in the Angel Group and managed the strategic formulation for profit creation by planning, budgeting and forecasting business growth with top management and key roles for executives. Directed the department vise operational management and control over activities such as inventory management/ purchase coordination while keeping in line with strategies. Interacted with the clients through e-mail/ conference calls and processed clarification and weekly reviews.

Amandeep Kaur

Demonstrated strong analytical problem solving and decision-making skills as a supervisor in a fast-paced retail environment. Applied experience and leadership to help supervise and train staff in the workplace.

Lijo Mon James

Over 4 years of experience in the hospitality industry, demonstrating a strong work ethic and hospitality skills through fulfilling a variety of customer-facing service roles in a hotel environment. Developed solid interpersonal skills, adept at fostering and maintaining relationships with customers and coworkers with a focus on increasing workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction. Strong communication skills and fluency in English.

Shibin Alex

Trained and supervised two field technicians and two field investigators in a health assessment study, under the ICMR sponsored national project conducted by Trivandrum Medical College and Madras Diabetic Research Foundation enabling individuals to perform serious of task to help assist with research. Created a strategic plan for conducting research and coordinated the planning process with the Research Administrator helping the team finish their work on time.

Tishamol Scaria

Helped patient (cancer) with daily activities, such as bathing, bathroom functions, feeding, grooming and taking medications resulting in full care of patients’ medical needs. Assisted the caregivers in helping organize clients and keeping appointments with doctors resulting in the client receiving the best possible medical service. Assessed medical needs and assisted clients with the basic needs to make sure that they had a pleasant stay at the facilities.

Neel Francis

Supervise the work of 350 production floor employees across 50 assembly lines at an automotive-based manufacturer making connectors for SRS, EDS, and ECU, setting schedules and daily tasks and ensuring all daily work is complete according to set production targets. Train approximately 10 staff and new hires monthly on standards and procedures, working closely with each individual to ensure effective training and solid performance on the role. Collaborate with the health and safety officer to enforce the execution of all health and safety practices in the workplace, providing employees with written and oral instructions on safety procedures and implementing additional health and safety procedures when appropriate.

Sahildeep Singh Kamboj

Prepare orders according to recipes and customer expectations, practicing a strong work ethic to create consistent and high-quality products and adhere to restaurant standards. Apply experience and creativity to help develop and suggest new menu items and improve existing menu options, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Practice attention to detail and organization in maintaining accurate inventory records and ensuring sufficient supply of ingredients for the day.

Sukhdeep Kaur

Cooked meals according to recipes and client specifications, applying attention to detail to ensure each order meets quality standards, receiving recognition for high-quality work. Leveraged time management skills to manage a busy workload in a dynamic, fast-paced food service environment, consistently achieving daily goals. Supervised a team of 3 workers, assigning tasks and overseeing their work throughout the day to ensure all daily tasks are complete.