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Canadian Residency

Cliff Richard Joseph Nunes

Over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, demonstrating a strong work ethic and hospitality skills in fulfilling a variety of customer-facing service roles in a cruise, restaurant, and hotel environment. Experience working in a 5-star luxury environment, leveraging experience and a calm, welcoming, and caring attitude to ensure that all clients enjoy their experience. Comprehensive knowledge of food, wines, spirits, liquors, and champagnes, developing an aptitude and receiving recognition for providing tailored recommendations to customers. Strong communication skills and fluency in English.

Amandeep Kaur

Demonstrated strong analytical problem solving and decision-making skills as a supervisor in a fast-paced retail environment. Applied experience and leadership to help supervise and train staff in the workplace.

Sahildeep Singh Kamboj

Prepare orders according to recipes and customer expectations, practicing a strong work ethic to create consistent and high-quality products and adhere to restaurant standards. Apply experience and creativity to help develop and suggest new menu items and improve existing menu options, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Practice attention to detail and organization in maintaining accurate inventory records and ensuring sufficient supply of ingredients for the day.

Sukhdeep Kaur

Cooked meals according to recipes and client specifications, applying attention to detail to ensure each order meets quality standards, receiving recognition for high-quality work. Leveraged time management skills to manage a busy workload in a dynamic, fast-paced food service environment, consistently achieving daily goals. Supervised a team of 3 workers, assigning tasks and overseeing their work throughout the day to ensure all daily tasks are complete.

Sanju Jose

Strong communication and collaboration skills with an ability to quickly learn and adapt on the role, constantly developing and seeking to improve work processes. Demonstrating ability to resolve different challenges and tasks in the workplace, applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills to find effective solutions.

Jashandeep Singh

Completed Lean Six Sigma project (Jun 2019), developing a strong understanding of controlling and improving the quality of a process using problem solving and collaboration. Completed SWOT analysis on Benchmark restaurant at Niagara College in June 2018.

Harmanpreet Singh Waraich

Assemble components and panels for glass doors using a variety of hand and power tools, practicing attention to detail in reading and following drawings and blueprints. Conduct quality inspections to ensure all glass and fixtures and complete according to specifications, flagging any errors and thereby preventing any faults in production.

Shaweta Rana

Handled large volumes of printed flyers, practicing organization and a strong work ethic to accurately sort, package, and move inventory as required. Inspected and counted items to ensure accurate counts and no damage to packaging, rejecting damaged goods and flagging any missing/incomplete items.

Kanika Gupta

Developed strong leadership and organization skills through scheduling staff and coordinating tasks to create efficient and productive workplace routines. Demonstrated initiative and drive in helping develop and improve the work practices, providing ongoing training and recommending work processes to improve workflow.

Rubalpreet Singh

Prepared work area at the start of every shift, checking food and ingredients for freshness, reviewing stock to ensure adequate supplies, and cleaning the work area. Cooked orders according to recipes, practicing multitasking and applying a strong work ethic to complete all orders quickly and according to customer expectations and restaurant standards.