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Canadian Residency

Dino Johnson

Handled packing and shipping containers in a busy warehouse environment as part of a team. Practiced ability to read and understand documents for instance job orders, operating instructions and events manuals, time sheets, waste worksheets, and production reports, carefully adjusting and adhering to all guidelines to complete work accurately and efficiently.

Karmal Preet Singh

Followed all operational standards and guidelines for preparation of products, applying a strong work ethic to produce consistent, high quality baked goods. Created production schedules to determine the type and quantity of goods to produce.

Pradeep Hanumappa

Apply strong communication skills and a courteous demeanor in working with customers, helping them complete transactions, find items, and resolve any questions they may have. Practice critical thinking and leverage product knowledge to provide accurate, tailored recommendations based on customer needs, asking probing questions to effectively determine what each customer is looking for.

Amalkrishna Chenavilayil Rajendran

Supervised the work of 5 staff as building lead, assigning daily tasks and helping resolve any arising challenges to maintain a consistent and efficient workflow. Applied leadership experience and mentorship skills to train 5 new staff in the role, helping them learn work processes, machine operation procedures, and safe chemical handling guidelines.

Aljo Shaji

Maintained clean and accessible grounds and facilities, using an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean dirt, heavy debris, and other trash. Routinely inspected grounds, facilities, and equipment to gauge the necessity of repairs or maintenance, making note and relaying information to the appropriate department. Investigated complaints, disturbances, and violations, following company rules and regulations and practicing critical thinking to effectively resolve all problems.