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English Language skills

Shibin Alex

Trained and supervised two field technicians and two field investigators in a health assessment study, under the ICMR sponsored national project conducted by Trivandrum Medical College and Madras Diabetic Research Foundation enabling individuals to perform serious of task to help assist with research. Created a strategic plan for conducting research and coordinated the planning process with the Research Administrator helping the team finish their work on time.

Neel Francis

Supervise the work of 350 production floor employees across 50 assembly lines at an automotive-based manufacturer making connectors for SRS, EDS, and ECU, setting schedules and daily tasks and ensuring all daily work is complete according to set production targets. Train approximately 10 staff and new hires monthly on standards and procedures, working closely with each individual to ensure effective training and solid performance on the role. Collaborate with the health and safety officer to enforce the execution of all health and safety practices in the workplace, providing employees with written and oral instructions on safety procedures and implementing additional health and safety procedures when appropriate.

Renil Robert

Integrated various business services and API’s with systems by leading management system to fetch data and process it further. Worked effectively with design teams to ensure software solutions resulting in an elevated client side experience. Modified existing (web application) software to correct issues and upgraded interfaces resulting in an improvement of performance for clients to have easier access.

Vaishak Karimbil

A Multi-Tasking Professional, identifying prospective clients & generating business, thereby achieving business targets seeking senior level assignments in Operations Management with an organization of high repute.

Anto Rajulin

Managed human resource process by maintaining the recruitment calendar by ensuring posting of job, interviewing and assisting in the final decision of hiring candidate. Managed forecasts, business trend analysis and suggested best measures and strategies based on experiences resulting in better planning for company. Liaised between various departments to ensure effective communication was maintained.

Aparna Paul

Managed and compounded drugs by calculating and measuring the correct dosage for prescriptions. Maintained the patient record in file format or in computers then entering the patient details in the system. Increased the patient’s awareness by advising the patient on the dosage and indications and side effects of medications and advised the patient if any contraindications of medications.

Shiny Sasi Rajam

Assisted physicians during examinations and procedures by preparing equipment, changing dressings, administering medications and monitoring patients. Supervised and managed registered practical nurses and personal support workers by assisting the team and staff in discharge of duties and supporting trainings. Ensured discretion and independent judgment resulting in attaining the goal of the health care facility.

Vishal Goel

Managed automation environment with the help of Python and Ansible to automate the infrastructure and environment resulting in creating and automating tasks. Developed and managed industrialized assets, blueprints, prototypes, use cases, point of views, design and built artifacts. Operated Open stack, Docker, Ansible, Python, Django and Cloud specific solutions making sure to keep updated with newest technology.

Pushya Vinodkumar

Planned, organized and oversaw inventory of materials receiving, storing, shipping and distributing by recording the monthly stock records. Provided product information, pricing, quotations and delivery information to customers resulting in customer satisfaction. Performed sales transactions quickly and accurately in accordance with established cash control procedures and customer service guidelines.

Sasirekha Rajendran

Conduct research as necessary in a typical laboratory environment, including documenting observations and measurements and reporting results, conclusions, and next steps. Support an average of 70 students per semester on program curricula and career decisions through office hours, mentor-mentee meetings, and student development workshops.