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Jerry Tom Joseph

Senior Architect with 10+ years of experience supervising multi-million dollar projects and creating architectural schemes for commercial, residential and mixed-use facilities. Conducted quality control processes, ensuring design integrity, architectural specifications and adherence to codes. Prepared proposals and reports while delivering projects on time and within budget. Skilled at managing multiple simultaneous projects, while monitoring contract administration.

Jerin Raphael

Experienced professional with 7 years of experience in Managerial roles in the customer service and retail industry. Strategic skills in studying market trends, competitive analysis, and setting sales goals based on consumer trends. Leading teams to over superb customer service and optimal performance.

Jaicy Mol Kunjumon

Observed and monitored FHS and contractions then reporting development to the physician. Conducted and assisted in normal delivery while providing privacy to the patients. Managed patient breast feeding, newborn care, insertion of Foley’s catheter, resulting in complete care to the patient and evaluation of patient.

Jacintha Victor

Generated weekly reports for project management team and marine team. Managed a team of 9 document controllers in Chennai, Malaysia and Bata and organized the human resource processes such as interviewing and hiring 5 document controllers. Managed and coordinated all disciplines for timely submission of documents and close out of comment response sheet resulting in documents being sent on time.

Eldhose John

Established and communicated clear objectives for all learning activities resulting in students gaining a deeper understand of topics. Prepared students and classroom for class activities by providing a variety of learning materials and resources for educational activities. Observed and evaluated student’s performance and development resulting in preparing required reports on students and activities.

Bobin Chukkananickal Tom

Monitored and maintained computer systems and networks by installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners. network and data security, directories, group policy, firewalls, virus protection, and email security. Installed and configured computer hardware operating systems, applications technical support resulting in delivering specific software products.

Dodson Paulose Thomas

Evaluated market trends to determine the best fit in regards to clothing styles and appropriate pricing structures then using this information to maximize sales. Managed customer relations such as pricing, shipping requests, visits to the marketplace and checking trends of current markets resulting in repeated customer sales.

Blessy Mole John

Over 17 years of experience working in Phlebotomy / Medical Laboratory Sciences, applying expertise to perform regular laboratory procedures and duties and work in a variety of departments including hematology, biochemistry, blood collection, microscopic examinations, collection, & stoke departments. Ability to work independently and under pressure, leveraging professional experience and strong critical thinking to problem-solve any challenges or problems that come up.

Bigas Babu

Over 7 years of experience in logistics (shipping), procurement, and project management, demonstrating strong organization, planning, and leadership skills. Technological proficiency in CRM, SAP, EBMS, and MS Office software (including Excel, Word, SharePoint, etc.), with an ability to quickly learn and apply new software in the role.

Bibin Kurien Abraham

Recruited employees through different sources such as advertisements and checked references from other staffs and agencies. Performed the quarterly and yearly performance appraisal at house meetings. Campaigned with clients such as hospitals, clinics and social welfare organizations resulting in the enrichment of market awareness.