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Ben John

Managed and coordinated sales staff by guiding day to day duties and resolved customer complaints regarding sales and service making sure that the customer is always satisfied with the service. Directed distribution and logistics of products to the customer. Communicated with client to determined price and discount rates resulting in the customer being satisfied.

Baby Shiny Edanattu

Developed lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives in accordance with the school curriculum resulting in the individual needs of students. Assessed and recorded pupil’s progress throughout the term and helped to prepare pupils for examinations ensuring to keeping up to date with changes in the structure of the curriculum. Worked with other staff to plan, coordinate work and collaborate to monitor weaknesses and strengths of each student resulting in making sure that each student receives specialized care.

Amalkrishna Chenavilayil Rajendran

Supervised the work of 5 staff as building lead, assigning daily tasks and helping resolve any arising challenges to maintain a consistent and efficient workflow. Applied leadership experience and mentorship skills to train 5 new staff in the role, helping them learn work processes, machine operation procedures, and safe chemical handling guidelines.

Allen Emmanuel Joe

Oversee the work of 6 collection executives, marketing executives, and suppliers, creating schedules and setting daily priorities to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. Leverage industry experience to train new staff on the role, supervising their on-boarding to ensure all team members are adequately trained to complete all duties in their roles.

Aljo Shaji

Maintained clean and accessible grounds and facilities, using an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean dirt, heavy debris, and other trash. Routinely inspected grounds, facilities, and equipment to gauge the necessity of repairs or maintenance, making note and relaying information to the appropriate department. Investigated complaints, disturbances, and violations, following company rules and regulations and practicing critical thinking to effectively resolve all problems.

Albert Vincent Saldana

Over 16 years of business management, development, and leadership experience, applying strongbusiness acumen to develop and implement initiatives aimed at improving business efficiency and performance while reducing costs. Demonstrated leadership, adaptability, and communications skills in overseeing a team of over40 staff, actively establishing new improvement initiatives, and efficiently resolving any issues.

Abhilash Vishnu Sahadevan

Briefed civil cases (defeated defendant was the client). In preparation of cases found that the court evidence under conjectures citing this Hon’ble High Court saw the view. Admitting the appeal while granting interim stay resulting in saving the client from execution of the order. Tracked difficult daily cases leading to non-representation, resulting in finding a way to track ensuring representation in all cases.

Abhilash Abraham

6+ years of customer service experience, applying solid communication, critical thinking, and an ability to work under pressure in a variety of environments to provide consistent and effective solutions to all customers. Demonstrated flexibility and conflict management skills through working in a variety of roles in the airline and hospitality customer-service industries, including sales, management, and customer relations experience.