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Sahildeep Singh Kamboj

Prepare orders according to recipes and customer expectations, practicing a strong work ethic to create consistent and high-quality products and adhere to restaurant standards. Apply experience and creativity to help develop and suggest new menu items and improve existing menu options, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Practice attention to detail and organization in maintaining accurate inventory records and ensuring sufficient supply of ingredients for the day.

Sukhdeep Kaur

Cooked meals according to recipes and client specifications, applying attention to detail to ensure each order meets quality standards, receiving recognition for high-quality work. Leveraged time management skills to manage a busy workload in a dynamic, fast-paced food service environment, consistently achieving daily goals. Supervised a team of 3 workers, assigning tasks and overseeing their work throughout the day to ensure all daily tasks are complete.

Hari Gangadharan Unnithan

Designed and monitored fitness and strength training programs as well as functional rehabilitation programs with medicals officers of IIST. Assessed and evaluated sports injuries, prepared athletes for daily practices and competitions. Instructed individuals and groups in beginning/ advanced calisthenics, gymnastics or corrective exercises resulting in corrections then prescribing movements and applying knowledge of sports, physiology and corrective techniques.

Anil Kumar

Managed administration tasks such as duty scheduling, overtime sheet, processing validation protocols and processing operational instructions resulting in a smooth operating office for staff. Handled filing of incoming and outgoing documents and organized shipments then created and maintained the filing system for records using a confidential matter approach. Followed current good manufacturing procedures (cGMP) and good documentation practices (GDPs).

Suresh George

Arranged and managed funds before construction then presented the billing information to the customer resulting in the completing the tasks as termed in the contract. Arranged materials for various tasks for residential renovation such as pavement, ducting, concreate, pouring and tiling following customer requirements. Organized construction following blueprints to determine scheduling and scope of remodeling.

Renil Robert

Integrated various business services and API’s with systems by leading management system to fetch data and process it further. Worked effectively with design teams to ensure software solutions resulting in an elevated client side experience. Modified existing (web application) software to correct issues and upgraded interfaces resulting in an improvement of performance for clients to have easier access.

Manu Bhardwaj

Over 6 years of customer service experience, applying solid communication, critical thinking, and an ability to work under pressure in a variety of environments to provide consistent and effective solutions to all customers. Demonstrated flexibility and conflict management skills through working in a variety of customer-oriented environments, including troubleshooting, complaints, and sales environments.

Arup Biswas

Over 15 years of experience in IT Infrastructure management specializing in planning, designing, building, deploying, and operating complex Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) infrastructures. Demonstrated ability to provide innovative, custom solutions to suite the requirements of diverse EUC infrastructures, often dispersed across geographic locations.

Midhun Markose

Managed large groups by organizing accommodations, restaurants, entry to attractions and transportation. Ensured that tour ran efficiently resulting in the group having an outstanding experience. Communicated a range of information on travel itinerary, destinations, and culture. Answered questions on tour expectations and responded to complex questions.

Vijay Ramachandran

Oversaw the VFD process in specific supply pumps in order to get the proper demand of water and pressure, this lead to the company saving in electricity and labour. Created an abnormality tracking sheet to maintain records of breakdown equipment allowing the identification of faulty equipment to find permanent solutions. Arranged flushing lines for pump dosing by ensuring lines were flushed prior to switching off pumps to avoid chemicals settling resulting in being able to restart the pumps without issues.